Thursday, 31 January 2013

New Website now live is now fully operational with just over 200 images and more being added. If you do take a look, please fill in the Guestbook and let me know what you think. Thanks.

Saturday, 19 January 2013

New Website

I've been working on my new website for a while now and it is now almost ready to transfer to my domain. I am using zenfolio rather than my old method based on a hosted site built with NetObjects and some flash extensions. I am using zenfolio's premium plan (currently £100 in the UK) because it gives me unlimited storage and incredible flexibility in design layout. It also includes a shopping cart with options to fulfill orders worldwide, often with local high-quality printers and also for self-fulfilling of orders. So far, I have uploaded just over 200 images and the whole upload and tagging process has been a joy compared with the way that I do it on my current site. If you are considering building your own site, I would strongly suggest you take a look at zenfolio and you can use this code DSD-YCN-5EN to get you 10% discount if you sign up. I should stress that I have no affiliation with zenfolio and selected them after evaluating self-hosted options and other gallery-based sites such as smugmug. You can have a sneak preview at

Friday, 1 June 2012

Wallingford Blues & Beer Festival 2012

Another year, and another Wallingford Blues and Beer Festival

 Friday night opened with a band with the interesting name of "Russ Payne and the Shark Dentists"

 This year the singer is the one in the light..

Then, these guys stumbled on stage...

These northern lads certainly blow your socks off

 Some more beer (the Jubilee Ale was particularly fine) and we were in for another treat.

A certain Mr. Mud Morganfield, eldest son of Muddy Waters, and his Band...

All too brief, meanwhile....

Thanks Mud

 Saturday night was all right for ... The Riverside Blues Band

 8:30 was definately The Right Time for some more beer and Earl Green...

The Royal audience seemed to enjoy the Blues too...

A great gig, thanks Earl

 Next up 24 Pesos, or was it 24 pedals?

Even the Mysterons were listening..

 Especially to the keyboards

 And at the other end... an original Leslie speaker....

With drums and bass these guys make a lot of noise

Over too soon....

Monday, 5 September 2011

Wallingford Bunkfest 2011

The Bunkfest celebrated its' 10th Anniversary this year and it's still free - long may it remain so!

As in previous years I only managed to see some of the acts so here are my highlights, starting with 9 Ton Peanut Smugglers.
Great brass (and I don't mean the lights)

It's not every night you see a bald guy playing a guitar like this...

Friday night's headliners were Transglobal Underground,

An excellent night!

On Sunday, we were treated to The London Philharmonic Skiffle Orchestra

- a band with more costume changes than you can shake a chicken at..

But the last word must go to...

Transglobal Underground
Roll on next year...